德甲下注:Barack Obama has blamed the rise of Donald Trump and Brexit on globalisation, technological change and suspicion of elites among millions of people still suffering the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis.巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)将唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)兴起和英国弃欧归咎于全球化、技术变革和因受到2008年金融危机冲击波影响的数以百万计的人对精英的猜测。Speaking in Athens during his last foreign trip as US president, Mr Obama also criticised the Republican-dominated Congress for blocking many of his policies that were designed to address issues of inequality and people’s fears about the future.他是在作为美国总统最后一次访华期间在雅典公开发表这番讲话的,他还谴责由共和党掌控的美国国会驳回了他的很多政策,而这些政策目的解决问题不公平问题和人们对未来的忧虑。

He said voters had reacted to the disruption caused by globalisation and rapid technological change by producing Mr Trump’s shock victory in last week’s US election and the UK’s vote to leave the EU earlier this year.他回应,特朗普在上周的美国议会选举中获得令人震惊的胜利,以及英国在今年早些时候投票瓦解欧盟,都源自选民对全球化和较慢技术变革导致的毁坏作出反应。Globalisation combined with technology combined with social media and constant information have disrupted peoples lives in very concrete ways — a manufacturing plant closes and suddenly an entire town no longer has what was the primary source of employment — and people are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world, he said.他回应:全球化、技术以及社交媒体和源源不断的信息以十分明确的方式妨碍了人们的生活:制造业工厂重开,忽然之间整个城镇仍然享有主要低收入来源,人们对自己的国民身份尊重或者他们在世界上的地位显得不那么确认。There is no doubt [this] has produced populist movements both from the left and the right in many countries in Europe, he added. 毫无疑问,(这)造成欧洲很多国家经常出现了左翼和右翼的民粹运动,他补足称之为,When you see a Donald Trump and a Bernie Sanders — very unconventional candidates who had considerable success — then obviously there is something there that is being tapped into: a suspicion of globalisation, a desire to rein in its excesses, a suspicion of elites and governing institutions that people feel may not be responsive to their immediate needs.当你看见唐纳德.特朗普和伯尼.桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)时——他们是高度非常规的候选人,却获得了巨大成功,似乎不存在一些正在被挖出的思潮:对全球化的猜测,遏制全球化过分之处的心愿,对精英以及管理机构的猜测,人们实在这些精英和机构有可能没对他们的急迫市场需求作出对此。

Mr Obama said he had tried to address issues such as economic dislocation in his eight years in the White House but that many of his policies had been blocked by Congress. 奥巴马回应,他曾企图在他兼任总统的8年时间里解决问题经济骨折等问题,但他的很多政策被国会驳回。The more aggressively we deal with those issues, the less those fears may develop into counterproductive approaches that pit people against each other, he said.他回应:我们越是大力地处置这些问题,那些担忧越大不有可能演进为事与愿违的作法,让人们相互对付。

Asked whether he had misread the mood of US voters, he said that despite the country’s economic recovery, people were left with a mixture of fear and anxiety about the future and suspicious of the role of Wall Street and special interests in Washington. 在被问到他否误解了美国选民的情绪时,他回应,尽管美国经济衰退,但人们仍对未来深感担忧和情绪并对华尔街和华盛顿类似利益的角色深感猜测。A lot of people thought I did a pretty good job…perhaps the mood among the American people was ‘we just need to shake things up’.很多人指出我做到得非常不俗……也许美国人民的情绪是‘我们只是必须转变一下’。Mr Obama warned that wrapping people’s genuine concerns in issues of ethnic, religious and cultural identity could be a volatile mix.奥巴马警告称之为,用种族、宗教和文化尊重问题来纸盒人们的确实担忧有可能包含一个不稳定的人组。Time will now tell whether the prescriptions that are being offered — whether Brexit or with respect to the US election — end up actually satisfying those people who have been fearful or angry or concerned. 时间将告诉他我们,目前获取的处方——不管是英国弃欧还是美国议会选举的事情——最后能否让那些深感惧怕、气愤或担忧的人失望。


I think that is going to be an interesting test.我指出这将是一场有意思的考验。【德甲下注】。